Bitches Agree to Disagree

When Jodi Taylor‘s girlfriend Luna C Kitsuen asked her if she wanted to have a threesome, at first she was insulted, confused, and even contemplating dumping her. But after talking to her best friend Chase Ryder, she decided to give the slut exactly what she wanted! When Luna got home from work that day, Jodi and Chase were waiting for her wearing nothing but stockings and strap-ons. They stripped her down, exposing her gorgeous big natural tits and juicy butt, and then started licking, fingering, and fucking her tight little asshole. They took turns being in the middle, fucking each other’s mouths, pussies, and gaping asses until they had all cummed hard!

Bitches Agree to Disagree starring Chase Ryder and Jodi Taylor with Luna C Kitsuen

My Sisters Hot Friend

Jodi Taylor is hanging out at her friend’s house, when her friend’s brother, Daniel, comes in. He’s got this pain in his shoulder and Jodi assures him that she can help alleviate the pain. Daniel is uncertain though, as he is afraid that she might end up doing more damage than good. Jodi assures him that she can help. She is so confident in her skills that she is willing to let Daniel have his way with her after she’s done massaging his shoulder.

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My Sisters Hot Friend

Ryan is on the phone checking out his sister’s friend sun bathing. Ryan tells his friend that he has to go because he wants to take a picture of Jodi. Jodi Taylor starts undressing and turns over to find Ryan watching her. She calls him out and Ryan attempts to act like he was just talking on the phone, but Jodi knows that he was watching her. She tells him to come down and immediately grabs Ryan’s hard dick, letting him know that she wasn’t out there naked for no reason at all. After blowing Ryan, she’s ready to take his dick, but stops Ryan from sticking it in her pussy. Jodi happily tells him she doesn’t want it there, she wants it right in her ass!

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I Have a Wife

Johnny is looking for a dog trainer. He calls up Jodi Taylor and explains his dog situation. Well, Jodi is one of the best dog trainers in town. The key to her success is that she’s very hands on when it comes to the training… hand’s on with the owner that is. She has Johnny put his hands on her and train her. As a reward for her being such a good listener, Jodi wants Johnny’s cock. Johnny is married though and can’t possibly cheat on his wife, that is until he see’s Jodi’s hot ass and has to have her. He gives her a nice juicy treat all over her face.

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A boring overcast day at the coast, what’s a babe to do, read maybe? Richie has a better idea, why waste time being bored when there’s so many ways to have a sweet day? Here, let me show you. With Richie’s hand down her pants and her earlobe in his mouth, Jodi Taylor seems to have gotten over her blah day. Yup! Somewhere between his hot mouth and him deep inside, Jodi’s boredom has simply vanished in the mist.

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Impressing Mr Big

Jodi Taylor is the new little slut in town. She has been told that the only way into the big leagues is to impress the mysterious Mr Big. When she arrives to his high rise loft in downtown Sin City, she is ill prepared for what happens next. Where she thought she could score a job merely based on her cute looks, she was wrong. It will take work. Hard work. And cum. Lots of it.

Impressing Mr Big starring Jodi Taylor and Keiran Lee

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